Microsoft's 4-Day Work Week - Productivity Rises By 40%

Microsoft's 4-Day Work Week - Productivity Rises By 40%

A recent experiment in Japan where a four-day workweek found productivity rose by 40% is enlightenment in IT firms now. Microsoft in Japan has adopted a four-day workweek as they often work 12+ hour days and are burned out by the end of the third or fourth day.

With the new experiment in summer, the plan really helped employees to stay happy while taking full salary. All 2,300 employees were given five Fridays off in a row without any decrease in pay.

The experiment has been transformative, not only in employees health issues but also its electricity costs fell by 23%. And more importantly, productivity was boosted by a huge 40%. Moreover, 60 minute long meetings were reduced to 30 minutes and encouraged online discussions substituting face-to-face method. In some companies, there is a plan called no meetings Friday to make fewer yet focused meetings. And, the whole concept was to tell the quality is greater than quantity.

Earlier, Microsoft Japan wrote in a blog that meetings for hour-long are quite dispensable. Microsoft Japan president and CEO Takuya Hirano said in a statement: Work a short time, rest well and learn a lot. I want employees to think about and experience how they can achieve the same results with 20% less working time.

The four-day week project was a part of Work-Life Choice Challenge 2019 Summer experiment and there's no indication whether they will adopt the plan in the long run or implement another iteration of the challenge this winter.