'ISIS Used And Sold Yazidi Girls As Sex Slaves'

'ISIS Used And Sold Yazidi Girls As Sex Slaves'

From time immemorial, most of the Sunni Muslims enslave and rape non-Muslim women and girls that do not belong to the dhimmis and ISIS is the latest manifestation of this grave evil. On the other hand, Yazidis are those who practice monotheism and they are non-musilims. They live in the northern part of Iraq and Syria, who belong to Kurdish community.

ISIS has targeted Yazidis and one of the Yazidis women, Iman Abdullah shared her horror story. She tells that she was kidnapped by ISIS terrorists when she was just 13 years old and sold her several times as a sex slave. Abdullah also added that she was raped repeatedly until she was reunited with her family.

Iman Abdullah, along with a few other Yazidis were felicitated by Harmony foundation's annual Mother Teresa award in during her speech, Abdullah recalled that they were converted to Muslims, leaving them physically and psychologically down. The felicitation ceremony also had Husein Al Qaidi, who is the director for Resue of Yazidis office.

As we know, the US has joined hands with northern Syria ie., Kurdish forces to fight ISIS in 2014. But in 2019, all of a sudden, Trump announced their withdrawal from Syria and left Kurdish forces to fight alone against ISIS. Soon after, unaware of what to do, Kurdish forces released all the ISIS terrorists under it and now fearing that they may attack Yazidis back.

However, Turkish attacks are increasing day by day on Kurdish. Al Qaidi, the director, said that they feel betrayed after the US left them midway. But, the released ISIS terrorists have become a treat to the whole international peace.