Viral Pics: Ambani's Daughter-in-law Paints Untidy Railway Station Walls

Viral Pics: Ambani's Daughter-in-law Paints Untidy Railway Station Walls

Most of the billionaires we know live an aristocrat and luxurious lives with incredibly dream-like routines. But, 13th richest person of the world, Mukesh Ambani daughter-in-law Shloka Mehta tells otherwise. In spite of being super wealthy, Shloka has rather lived an ordinary life and is still continuing to do so.

Shloka is seen forming a volunteer team and worked beautifully on untidy and messy Mumbai's Sandhurst railway station. Her main motive was to demonstrate the dignity of labour. Shloka herself came from a rich family and her father Rusell Mehta's Rosy Blue is a top diamond company in India. Now, a few pictures of her painting the walls of the railway station is doing rounds on the internet.

These pictures from 2017 deserve a huge appreciate and notice as Shloka is seen painting the foot over bridge. Wearing a white shirt and casual track pants, Shloka is seen busy painting the railway station on behalf of a pan-city drive to make the railway station beautiful. And the volunteers that were seen in the picture were from ConnectFro, a tech platform that enabled the effective volunteering, running by Shloka Mehta’s family.

Netizens lauded Shloka's work and poured in many positive comments like 'you are an incredible human' and 'Madam you are great.' With an extravagant home, personal jets and day-to-day lavish parties, Shloka, who don't really need to work like this, is now showing the world that what brilliance and hard work really is.