Buzz: Financial Factor Behind Rahul's #BiggBoss Win

Buzz: Financial Factor Behind Rahul's #BiggBoss Win

Many still wonder, how come a winning horse like Sreemukhi lost big timern in the Finale while Rahul Sipligunj, who has no big fanbase initially, rnhas finally walked away with the trophy. When it comes to the finale, rnfans of even other contestants will also take sides among the Top 5, butrn here is a buzz going on regarding why many favoured the Telangana rnsinger over the Nizamabad based TV anchor.

Of course, it is rnclear that Sreemukhi and Rahul are the contestants vying for the trophy rnin the finale from the last couple of weeks. Audiences who have voted onrn Hotstar app are said to have given a thought about the financial factorrn before choosing one among these two.

Other than singing songs rnand taking part in orchestras, Rahul has no other job and earns anywherern between 50K to 1 lakh per month. But Sreemukhi is someone who earns rnnearly 50K a day when she is shooting for programs like Pataas and rnothers, for which she shoots almost 15+ days in a month. And then her rnshow hostings, foreign shows and others make her earn 12-15 lakh every rnmonth quite easily. So, naturally, the prize money will be big and rnhelpful to Rahul, than to Sreemukhi who earns huge already.

Also,rn rumours have that Sreemukhi entered Bigg Boss only to collect 1 lakh rnper the number of days she is inside the house and she is going to take rnout 1+ crores home even though she is a runner up. That means, she is rnwalking home with a bigger prize than Rahul, who will be getting only rnthe prize money but not anything for participation.

Voters are said to have given a thought about these factors, and hence they have chosen Rahul over Sreemukhi.