Condom Usage: AP First, Goa Last

Condom Usage: AP First, Goa Last

Condoms are no more taboo in India. Reports suggest that condoms have rnemerged as one of the most preferred family planning methods and the rnusage of 'rubber shields' has gone up, says study.

According to arn report published by the Department of Family Welfare (DFW), Andhra rnPradesh stood No.1 in the country in condom usage. As per the usage rntally data, for every 10,000 couples 1404 couples in Andhra Pradesh are rnusing condoms.

Whereas in Telangana, out of 10,000 Telangana rncouples, 501 couples are using condoms. In capital city Delhi, the rnfigure is less. Only 309 couples out of 10,000 Delhi couples are using rncondoms. Goa stood least in the country with only 268 couples against rn10,000 couples in Goa are using condoms.

As per the tally, out ofrn the 6 Crore Condoms provided by government in AP at various public rnplaces in boxes, 78 percent of the condoms were said to be used.

Inrn Telangana, the government has provided 1.8 Crore Condoms out of which rn80 percent of them were said to be used. With awareness on AIDs and rnSTIs, STDs are in full swing and government doing wide publicity for rnprevention, the rise in condom usage is found.

Condoms are being rnused by married couples for contraceptive measures. Also, the live-in rncouples and couples who are love-making with mutual consent are using rnthe condoms. The report said that women are instructing men to use rncondoms for safe sex. As per the report, 60 percent among educated have rnsuch awareness and 40 percent of uneducated have awareness on condoms.