Actress Won Guinness Record For Instagram Followers

Actress Won Guinness Record For Instagram Followers

Super popular Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram the other day with a stunning selfie crashing the website.

Now there is another mention to her Instagram entry and it is the Guinness Book of Records for surpassing 1 million followers in a record fastest time.

Jennifer Aniston surpassed 1 Million followers in 5 hours and 16 minutes earning herself a Guinness book of records. The record was previously held by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's joint account on Instagram.

Jennifer now has 3 posts and is following 134 with a 12.6 million people following her. Her first post was the reunion selfie of the FRIENDS actors.

The most liked picture on Instagram is of an egg (world_record_egg) and it broke the record of likes previously held by Kylie Jenner. Instagram's official account has the most number of followers (314m) so far and Cristiano Ronaldo has the second most followers (186m).

Beautiful singer Ariana Grande is in third place with 165 million followed and Dwayne Johnson in fourth place with 159m followers.