'Zomato Delivery Boy Kidnapped My Dog'

'Zomato Delivery Boy Kidnapped My Dog'

In a shockingly bizarre incident, a Zomato delivery guy has allegedly kidnapped a woman's pet dog on Monday noon. According to the dog owner, she found her puppy missing since Monday noon when it was playing in her house-cum-company premises. Even CCTV footage revealed that the puppy (named as Dottu) was spotted inside the owner's premises.

The dog owner Vandana Shah along with her husband had searched a lot for Dottu in near neighborhood and after a lot of search and prodding, a delivery guy near an eatery recognized the picture of Dottu with Vandana and told her that he had seen the puppy with his colleague Tushar.

With his lead, the dog owner Vandana had contacted Tushar and asked him for her dog. To this, Tushar had admitted of stealing the dog. However, he dodged when asked to return the puppy. Tushar allegedly told dog owner that the dog is not with him and started making excuses like he had sent the dog to his village. This is not all. Even when Vandana had offered him to pay money to return her puppy Dottu, Tushar allegedly refused to budge. What's more? Tushar allegedly switched off his mobile.

Vandana is now deeply worried about his puppy Dottu. She is fearing that Dottu could be killed. Sharing her ordeal online, she has posted the picture of Dottu and the picture of Tushar carrying the puppy. She has even posted Tushar's contact number in her long post and tagged food delivery app Zomato. Meanwhile, Vandana has reached out to police who had promised to help her in finding her puppy. However, according to Vandana, the police have refused to register a complaint.

Netizens are infuriated over Vandana's ordeal and demanding Zomato to look into the issue and ensure safe return of Dottu to her owner.