Canada: Indian-Origin Leader Asked To 'Cut off His Turban'

Canada: Indian-Origin Leader Asked To 'Cut off His Turban'

The leader of Canada's New Democratic Party (NDP), Jagmeet Singh was told to 'cut off his turban' in order to look more Canadain by one of the voters. This racial slur has been faced by Jagmeet when he was interacting with voters at the Atwater market in Montreal. The incident took place in front of media and reporters and the video on the same has gone viral.

Puzzled with the advice, the NDP leader said that 'Canadians look like all sorts of people'. The video, that is going viral, shows Jagmeet shaking hands with the voter before the man made a suggestion by leaning forward and whispering in Jagmeet's ears.

The further conversation in the video shows that man saying, 'In Rome, you do look like the Romans do'. Jagmeet responds, ' This is Canada, you can do like ...whatever you like'. The man responded, 'alright, take care, I hope you win'.

Later, Jagmeet responded on the whole incident saying that he had also faced racism like many others in Canada. He confirmed that there is discrimination across the country. 'Many Canadians are told that we must change who we are to succeed. My message is that, do not change who you are. Everyone deserves this place'.

Jagmeet Singh is an Indian-origin politician who made history by becoming Canadian Parliament's first non-white leader/ foreign leader of a big party like NDP. NDP is a third-largest political party in the world.