One Nation-One Language; huge row over Amit Shah comments

One Nation-One Language; huge row over Amit Shah comments

'Having many languages and regional tongues are India's biggest strengths. But there is a need for our nation to have one language so that foreign languages don't find a place. This is why our freedom fighters envisioned Hindi as Raj Bhasha' - This statement by Amit Shah on Hindi being the foremost indispensable language for India has brought in a lot of political storm and outrage from the public.

Amit Shah, while talking about the strengths, made a weak point too, bringing in a lot of ruckus from different regions. It is true that Shah doesn't want any foreign language to find a place in India. But, that doesn't mean other languages in India has to face the minority and belittled. Moreover, foreign language doesn't always mean English as Bangla, Punjabi, Tamil and Nepali are spoken in other countries.

Talking about Engish, it has become a necessity, even at the remotest corners of our nation. It is the only language which is understandable by everyone on Earth. On the other hand, in India, Hindi is not the national language. It is made so by those who want India to be a Hindu mirror image of Pakistan i.e,  a country with one religion and one national language.

Many politicians slammed and expressed disapproval on Amit Shah's ignorant comment. Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan is the latest to join the league. Kamal release a video message to object to the remarks made by Shah and he stated that a lot of kings had given up their kingdoms for India to be born, but a lot of Indians and states vehemently opposed giving up their language, culture and traditions. 'Our Nation happily sings National Anthem in Bengali with pride and will continue to do so. The reason is the poet who wrote the National Anthem gave due respect to all languages and culture. And hence, it became our Anthem. Do not make an inclusive India into an exclusive one. All will suffer because of such short-sighted folly,' he added.

Also, MK Stalin said that 'The Prime Minister should clarify Amit Shah's stand, otherwise the DMK will get ready for another language war. This is India, not ‘Hindia'. There is a threat to India's unity and DMK will not hesitate to unite states which stand to lose rights due to Hindi dominance'. West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee tweetd: 'We should respect all languages and cultures equally. We may learn many languages but we should never forget our mother-language". Moreover, Congress Rajya Sabha member Jairam Ramesh said 'One nation-one language would never be a reality. But we may have one nation-one tax'. And.. 'All official languages in our country are equal.. We will never compromise its importance and are committed to promoting Kannada and our state's culture,' Yediyurappa tweeted.