Astrologers And Actresses, What A Clever Usage!!

Astrologers And Actresses, What A Clever Usage!!

These days, intelligent brains are using every single bit of information around them to their advantage. Like what 'Artificial Intelligence' does all the time, and how 'big data analytics' are applied, some astrologers and actresses use this to their advantage. Sample these two incidents and you will understand the story.

By 6'0 clock in the morning, a special article that featured the interview of anchor Udaybhanu has reached the house of this astrologer. And he finished reading the paper by 6.30am. And he posts on Facebook at 6.40 am, 'Anchor Udaya Bhanu will be blessed with twin daughters, that's what her planets say, mark my words'. Fact is that the interview in Sakshi paper revealed that actually as the anchor herself stated that she's being blessed with two female twins.

But the astrologer used that to his advantage as everyone will not be reading that interview and in no time he became a 'legendary' of sorts. Later he claimed that he's the one who first predicts Udayabhanu's twins.

There comes this actress who is known for her controversial statements on big heroes. And other day she posted on her FB page that 'mega family is involved what Big Boss and that's the reason she's not participating in it'. Later with news coming out that Allu Arvind is the one who backed Nani's inclusion as Star Host, everyone felt the actress is telling truth. Here's the real story.

As the press meet hosted by Star Maa and Nani is live on YouTube, the actor revealed that Allu Arvind is the one who asked him to do Big Boss. While Nani said this at 10.30 am, the actress posted on her FB at 10.40 am. But for media, it took two more hours to talk about Arvind's presence behind Nani's arrival and social media folks started believing that the actress knows everything in advance.

The point here is not to degrade any, but how cleverly some astrologers and actresses are using the information available around them to their advantage.