3-yr kid addicted to mobile, gets counselling

3-yr kid addicted to mobile, gets counselling

Children being addicted to mobile phones and tabs is not a novelty these days as electronic screens are so alluring and kids find it difficult to deviate their minds. In fact, this is one of the most raised concerns from modern parents today. YouTube is one among the biggest worries and next comes the mobile games.

News from Bareilly of a three-year-old obsessed with his mobile device has alerted parents all over the country. The boy's mother brought him to Bareilly's district hospital and took an appointment at its counselling centre. It is a bit surprising to see a 3-year-old boy getting counselled. His mother said that he needs to be counselled as he is bedwetting and the problem is increasing day by day. After counselling him, the doctor confirmed that the boy bed wets and avoids going to the bathroom as he doesn't want to leave his mobile phone.

It is reported that the boy watched popular cartoons 'Doremon' and 'Motu Patlu' for nearly eight hours a day and he hates leaving the phone even for a few minutes. The counselling centre, Mann Kaksh, said that they have received 40 cases of mobile phone additions and most of the children belonged to the age group of 10-18 years.

In this case, the boy's concerned doctor, Khush, said that the boy was given a mobile phone at a very tender age so that the parents can do their own household chores. Ironically, the boy did not even let his parents talk in the hospital until and unless he got the phone in his hands.

The psychiatrist also said that the study-related problems and headaches in young children are because of browsing the internet for so long and getting addicted to mobile games. “We are conducting counselling for both parents and children for a digital detox,” she said. Chief medical officer Dr.Vineet claimed that parents should make kids play in the outdoors or ask them to build blocks and play puzzles. Giving them Mobile and tabs are the worst things a parent could ever do.

He also said that the mobile phone is also causing depression and stress among children as they start comparing their toys, lifestyle with the people in the social media videos As a part of deaddiction, the counsellors said that parents should get back to black and white phones instead of smartphones and uninstall attractive apps. It is also important for parents to involve with children and play with them.