Chandrayaan 2: Indian youth shuts Pakistani trolls

Chandrayaan 2: Indian youth shuts Pakistani trolls

Trolling on each other has become a habit for youth nowadays and the level of verbal abuse has increased to a state which is far-fetched. In fact, yesterday, when India lost communication with Vikram lander while trying to make a historic lunar landing with Chandrayaan 2, it is the Pakistan which expressed joy and a great contentment on the internet.

The trolls from Pakistan are unbelievably high and right when ISRO Chairman K. Sivan said that the performance of the lander was as per the plan until it was at an altitude of 2.1 km from the moon surface, both Twitter and Facebook have been filled with abusive and humiliating comments from the youth of Pakistan.

Many Pakistani comments read like, 'Modi was there, that's why the mission was unsuccessful, and 'Even Moon hates India, go back'. It is clearly comprehended that Pakistanis couldn't fathom the importance of this mission and how many scientists have struggled with sleepless nights for this wonderful achievement so far.

Finding happiness in someone's failure is completely foolish and some Pakistanis proved it all over again. One Indian user wrote, "What Pakistan fails to understand, cost of Chandrayaan is higher than its economy, Bharat can launch another 100 Chandrayaan's and still survive, unlike rogue state". Another tweet says, "India didn't fail... We just lost contact with the moon lander #Chandrayaan2". One more user wrote: "At least people are taught to pursue science instead of being encouraged to become suicide bombers." This tweet was indeed marvelous and a tight slap to the trolls.

It is a well-known fact that even NASA has failed earlier and moreover, Pakistan did not even put any effort to reach the space. India is the only country to reach the Moon's Southpole today and the nation's youth took a good lengthy class and shut the trolls like bosses. Meanwhile, one should keep in mind that the 2,379 kg Chandrayaan-2 orbiter continues to fly around the moon and the life span of it is one year.