Man sets his bike on fire after issuing challan

Man sets his bike on fire after issuing challan

The new challan rules and the new Motor Vehicle Act has been creating a lot of buzz among the public, calling it the most upsetting regulations ever. The huge penalties and hefty challans have turned worrisome for people on the road. While the fear of getting stuck in a frightening amount of loss, people are also questing the maintenance of roads to the government.

The debate is not stopping anytime sooner on new traffic rules. In the midst of the concern, comes a new case where a man sets his bike on fire after he was caught by traffic police on a drunk and drive case. The man had been issued a challan for drunk driving at Triveni complex in Chirag Delhi.

The biker, Rakesh, was stopped after suspecting his body language and he was found under the influence of alcohol. After his bike was seized, Rakesh, out of anger, set fire to the motorbike. A case has been registered under the IPC in this regard.

Just a few days ago, another case where a rickshaw driver was caught and issued a challan of Rs 42000 has created a huge buzz. The driver who said that he bought the auto at the rate of Rs 25k just seven days ago, went into shock when he heard the challan fees. He said it is just unfair to him.

The strict rules have triggered both hilarious memes on social media and anger reactions on the road from the public. With a spectrum of emotions and reactions, the public raises a lot of questions to the government and looks like the new traffic violation rules are unacceptable to many.