Have A Look At 'World's first SPACE hotel'

Have A Look At 'World's first SPACE hotel'

It's been quite a long time people have always imagined a space hotel and in fact, many have speculated that a hotel will soon start up in space somewhere around 2025. But there is no gravity up there.

How can anyone enjoy hotel amenities? Well, the centrifugal force of the spinning building will create a force that keeps you anchored to the ground, making it easity like a gravity.

After enjoying luxurious 5-star hotels on Earth, it is high time we should witness something like a space hotel in our lifetime. Now, the latest reports suggest that the design for the "first space hotel" has been unveiled and it is absolutely unbelievable to us. While we also want to experience it, it is also eccentric and surrel.

The space station, namely, Von Braun, has been designed by the Gateway Foundation. Accommodating nearly 400 guests, it goes on to offer facilities and benefits that a normal luxury would provide. The design will have technology that is already being used in the International Space Station (ISS).

As we discussed in the beginning, the wheel-shaped design will help with the gravity and guests can walk around normally instead of floating.  The rooms inside will have furniture with soft materials.

As of now, the first space hotel will be opened by 2025 and nearly 100 people a week is estimated. Though getting water up there is difficult, a swimming pool is also on the minds of the designers. We also wonder what would be the cost of the hotel room for one night. It could burn a hole in your pocket. But, the idea is mind-blowingly awesome and intriguing to find that space is no longer for the astronaut.