PUBG: Teenager hospitalized with brain clots

PUBG: Teenager hospitalized with brain clots

One of the most successful and trending games, PUBG has left many people as victims of this dangerous addiction. A recent case from Wanaparthy, Mahabubnagar district, has nearly cost a life of a 19-year-old due to his harmful obsession towards the game.

The doctors said that the boy developed brain clots called thrombosis. He also suffered from poor nutrition, weight loss and stress. The doctor confirmed that the stress has been developed due to the suspense game in PUBG.

Just a week ago, the teenager was admitted to the hospital after he complained of his inability to move his limbs. The reason behind this case is that the fixation towards the game left him uninterested in eating food and drinking water, leaving him malnutrition and sleep-deprived.

Later, the condition of the teenager went on to become worse, causing thickening of venous blood in the brain and a few clots.

The Sunshine hospital doctor, Vinod Kumar, who treated the boy, said that the case shows the guy used to play the game for six-seven hours every day and lost unhealthy amount of weight. Hs mother vouch for his addiction saying that he starts playing at around 9 pm and ends at 4 am.

The overall cases left the city doctors in complete shock as many are coming into the limelight due to their consequential health issues from PUBG. At the end of the day, one should learn that PUBG is a sheer time of waste and leave you with useless achievements and in rare cases, might cost your life.