Meet India's First Woman Flight Commander

Meet India's First Woman Flight Commander

There have been huge positive changes in terms of gender equality for women these days and on this remarkable day, Wing Commander Shaliza Dhami became the first woman officer of the IAF to become Flight Commander of a flying unit.

Dhami has been serving for 15 years as a commission officer of the flying branch and all the while, she was flying choppers. Actress Shraddha Kapoor took this amazing news to her Instagram and congratulated Shaliza Dhami on her success.

The actress shared a picture of Shaliza and captioned, "Woohoooo Shaliza Dhami!" Shaliza's other achievements are - She became the first woman flying instructor of the Air Force and is also the first woman officer to get a permanent commission of the flying branch. 

In 2003, she took her first flight solo in Hyderabad on the HPT-32 Deepak, a basic trainer aircraft, and by 2017, she had clocked over 2,300 hours in the air.

In a society where women are no less than men, today stands as a historic day for Indians and we salute Shaliza over her tremendous achievement. Moreover, Shraddha was the only actress to bring Shalizas triumph first to the social media limelight and on an opinionated point of view,  if Shaliza's biopic is ever made in the future, Shraddha would be apt for the role as the two ladies look quite similar and petite in their body types.