Hero donates $5 M for Amazon rainforest

Hero donates $5 M for Amazon rainforest

We all have been reading about the kind of devastation Amazon rainforest in Brazil is going through. The largest tropical rainforest which contributes 20% of world's oxygen is facing a huge jump in fires.

According to National Institute of Space Research in Brazil, Amazon has witnessed 73,000 fire accidents in last one year. Slowly, Amazon is turning ashes and many animals have lost their lives.

Reacting to the catastrophe, several film celebs have expressed their deep concern for Amazon rainforest and few of them tweeted in support of #PrayForAmazon.

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, who has launched an environmental organisation called 'Earth Alliance' to address the major threats to our planet's life support systems, has announced a contribution $5 Million (Rs 36 Crore) towards protection of the Amazon from his organisation.

He also urged his fans to follow him and contribute for rainforest. The Titanic has in the past collaborated with many organisations to work for environmental issues and he is concerned about environmental crisis Earth is facing.