Now Social Media To Be Linked With Aadhar?

Now Social Media To Be Linked With Aadhar?

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) aka Aadhar is a one stop card of an Indian citizen to know about this status be it financial or any other stuff.

After its inception, the central government has asked the citizens to link it with bank account, phone number, welfare schemes and others for security and transparency reasons. Now Aadhar might get linked with social media. Yes, you read it right, SOCIAL MEDIA!

Tamil Nadu government is demanding to link social media with Aadhar and filed a petition accordingly in Tamil Nadu High court. Not just the TN sarkar, three more Public Interest Litigation (PIL) were lodged at Madhya Pradesh and Bombay High Court.

Refusing to do so, Facebook has approached the Supreme Court of India. TN government in its petition said that due to WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter hatred is spreading which is leading to violent incidents and cited many such crimes that happened during the last few years.

Advocate on behalf of TN government said that social media must be linked to Aadhar. This will reduce the use of explicit content, terrorist activities and also the culprits can be caught in quick time, added the advocate. Reputed lawyers Mukul Rohatgi and Kabil Sibal argued on behalf of Facebook in the Supreme Court.

They said linking Aadhar with social media is against the breach of personal information of a social media user. Phone number and E-mail are alternatives for identification of user and moreover, respective state High Courts have no authority to take a call on linking of Aadhar and social media and it is completely Supreme Court's call.

After hearing the arguments from both the side, the apex court has served notices to the central government, Google, Facebook and Twitter. The case has been postponed to further hearing on September 13th.