Whatsapp Name Changed!

Whatsapp Name Changed!

Whatsapp, the popular cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) and free-video calling mobile application which allows its users to send text messages, voice recordings and make phone calls, video calls, is going to get a new name. Whatsapp is going to be called as 'Whatsapp By Facebook' soon as Facebook has bought out Whatsapp.

While already Beta (2.19.228) users are witnessing the new name 'Whatsapp By Facebook', very soon other users will also see the new name.

Although Facebook bought out Instagram in 2012 and Whatsapp in 2014, they have been continuing with the same names. However, Facebook has recently decided to change the names of Whatsapp and Instagram into Whatsapp By Facebook and Instagram By Facebook.

Already necessary change has been done in Whatsapp. If Beta users can check their Whatsapp settings, 'Whatsapp By Facebook' is visible.

However, there are no other major changes in Whatsapp and it continues to have the same old features. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reportedly decided to integrate Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, and Whatsapp Messenger. There were some media reports about the same. However, there will be no major change even if all three are integrated.

Any account holder who has an account on Facebook and doesn't have accounts in other two platforms, the account holder can access the other two platforms using his FB account and vice-versa. For example, an individual with FB messenger can able to chat directly with an individual who has only Whatsapp account. As part of this integration, Facebook has decided to change the names of Whatsapp and Instagram. The integration process is expected to complete by 2020.