India Tells China : Kashmir Is Internal Matter

India Tells China : Kashmir Is Internal Matter

Foreign minister S Jaishankar emphasized to China that India's decision to abroagte Articles 370, 35A are an internal issue. In his first official talk with China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Union Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has made it very clear that abrogation of Articles 370, 35A are purely internal issues of India. He emphasized to his Chinese counterpart that Kashmir is internal matter of India. He also informed him that it would not impact border negotiations with either China or Pakistan.

Jaishankar also cautioned Wang Yi that the "future of India-China relationship will entirely depend on mutual sensitivity to each other's core concerns. Properly managing differences is therefore vital." Giving this utmost importance and how serious India takes this approach on China, Jaishankar repeated the above lines in his speech at the India-China Media Forum.

Wang Yi seems to be convinced and he admitted that the talks were fruitful. Speaking to media at the end of the Forum, Wang Yi said the talks were "in-depth" on respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of both India and China. He said they openly discussed their differences with Indis. He said China repeated its concerns regarding the tensions between India and Pakistan.

Whereas Jaishankar told Wang Yi that Article 370 was a temporary provision in Indian Constitution and was "sole prerogative" of India. "The legislative measures were aimed at promoting better governance and socio-economic development. There was no implication for either the external boundaries of India or the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China. India was not raising any additional territorial claims," Jaishankar told Wang Yi.

Jaishankar's meet with Wang Yi comes after Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi's visit to Beijing a few days ago following which Wang Yi had said the Kashmir issue should be "settled" as per UN Charter and the 1948 resolution that had raised alarm bells among Indian leaders.

Jaishankar had told Wang Yi that Chinese side should base its assessment on realities when it comes to India-Pakistan relations are concerned.