Pic Talk: Sharwa and Kalyani's blissful love!

Pic Talk: Sharwa and Kalyani's blissful love!

Though 'Ranarangam' is being called a gangster crime drama, there is a romantic angle in it. The love thread between Sharwanand and Kalyani Priydarshan appears to have a link to the main plot which is set against 1990s.

In the latest picture we can see, Sharwa and Kalyani are so adorable and they make a good pair. Sharwa is cute in the younger look while Kalyani is beautiful.

'Ranarangam' is releasing on August 15th and the film has completed the censor formalities on Wednesday. Getting 'U/A' certificate, the run-time is locked at 2 hours and 10 minutes.

This is a crispy run-time which means the film is going to have a racy screenplay. The censor talk also says the same and it further reveals that the cinematography by Divakar Mani and production values by Sithara Entertainment are of top notch quality.

'Ranarangam' is a film by Sudheer Varma.