Buzz: Star Fathers Upset!

Buzz: Star Fathers Upset!

Almost all the star fathers in Tollywood (in the whole of India in fact) opt film careers for their kith and kin and expect them to rock the circuits. But there are those star heroes whose sons are not able to crack the code and whose daughters are wasting their hard earned money. Here come a few additions.

This hero has recently seen his daughter debuting on the silver screen and the film didn't do well no matter how hard the makers shouted about it. Also, his daughter hasn't got appreciation from any corner, from critics or other celebrities. This is said to have upset the star father big time, as he didn't expect the industry to be so unreceptive.

At the same time, another father became a star only after his elder son became a sensation of the tinsel town. Later his younger son also made a filmy debut but that didn't do well. Reports are coming that this father is beating his head for not being able to choose the right script for his younger one. The father has earlier fetched fame as his elder one revealed that it is his father who finalised his debut movie's script.

Adding to them is this star father whose son has scored a hit for the first time. What? The son scored hit know, but why is the father unhappy? He has some legal issues which he took in lighter vein earlier, but now they have tightened the noose around his neck that he could not enjoy the success of his son.

Hope these fathers find their sunshine soon!