Rains: Hyd Roads Turn Ugly

Rains: Hyd Roads Turn Ugly

The incessant rains for the past few days have created major havoc and mayhem in the city of pearls. Hyderabad roads have turned uglier with the lashing of rains. The commuters are gripped in fear and risking their lives. Several parts of the roads are completely damaged and water-logging has been observed.

Besides this, traffic snarls have become a common phenomenon during rains due to waterlogging, inundation on bad roads. In addition to this, fear of manholes left opened is worrying about the commuters.

Several key roads, streets in the city have been drastically affected. Already several roads were in dire need of repairs. Rains have added to the woes of commuters who were already having a bumpy ride on the bad roads.

The worst-hit roads were seen in Madhapur, Kondapur, Nizampet, Manikonda, Puppalaguda, Narsingi, Beeramguda which are completely damaged and pose a major threat to the commuters. In the nights, the situation is more dangerous.

KTR's Twitter account is flooded with the spree of requests from people from the above-mentioned areas complaining about the bad roads and the urgency to pay attention. GHMC is yet to take action on the bad roads in the city.