A lot happening in Jammu & Kashmir

A lot happening in Jammu & Kashmir

It's the panic situation all over Jammu & Kashmir state as the union government is continuing to deploy armed forces while the political parties of the state are making hasty statements which is even more troubling the common man. Every minute there is a new update.

As J&K is under Governor's rule, Satyapal Malik appealed to the people to stay calm as there is no need to worry. But the action of union government speaks something else. The political leaders of J&K Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti have met Governor to enquire about the presences of armed forces in the state. Omar is said to have questioned Governor about Article 35 and Article 370 which the center is considering to remove.

Also, the union government has summoned tourists, students and workers to return to their respective states and return only after the uncertainty is cleared. Not just the Indian, governments of UK and Germany have also issued a travel advisory to their citizens to stay away from J&K while touring India.

With these instructions, people have flocked at public transport to get out of J&K as early as possible. Also, there is a huge crowd at J&K airport. Private transporters have hiked the ticket prices while the Srinagar to Delhi flight ticket is costing nearly Rs 38,000 which normally is Rs 3000-Rs 5000.

TRS working president KTR took to his Twitter handle and added that the Telangana government is doing travel arrangements for students of NIT Srinagar.