Critics Should Be Critics, Not Hypocrites

Critics Should Be Critics, Not Hypocrites

Hero Shahid Kapoor has fired on critics in the first ever interview he has given post the release of 'Kabir Singh'. Saying that he is neither hiding from the critics nor moved on to next film as he is not seen anywhere in the five weeks after the release of Kabir Singh, he has simply stunned everyone again.

"You should speak about a film on what should be spoken about. That's the beauty of art, and everybody will have a different piece of opinion. If you don't want Kabir Singh to slap Preeti, make your own film and give us a chance to review, why so much fuss about it?" asked Shahid, putting the ball straight in the goal post.

Later he blasted critics for being indifferent and rating different films in different ways. "You all appreciated Sanju, where the hero says he slept with 300+ women and puts the plastic piece of commode around Sonam Kapoor's neck as a Mangalsutra. But now you say, Kabir slapping Preeti is a crime. Critics should be critics, but not hypocrites like this" he blasted, explaining how critics these days are rating movies.

But how does he explain the negativity around this Kabir Singh character? "If you hated the character after he slapped her, then I'm super successful as an actor. And whether audiences liked the film or not, box office collections will explain that" Shahid adds.

So far, Kabir Singh collected 275+ crores nett collection, become the most top performer of the year.