Oh! Swamy Vivekananda Reddy & Tirumala Venkanna Chowdhary

Oh! Swamy Vivekananda Reddy & Tirumala Venkanna Chowdhary

A faux pass from YSR Congress Denduluru MLA Abbayya Chowdhary is currently trending on the internet with trollers having a feast. In his assembly speech other day, this MLA not only quoted a line of Swamy Vivevakananda but also changed the prominent leader's caste too.

Quoting a line said by Vivekananda, apparently, Abbayya Chowdhary added that 'Swamy Vivekananda Reddy' has said this. This video of the Denduluru MLA is currently going viral on social media, as netizens are trolling how come our MLAs add caste tags to national leaders too.

The reaction of some netizens on those words of Chowdary is like this:

"Swami Vivekananda Reddy gari tho tho patu
Facebook kanipettina Mark Zuckerberg Reddy ki
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos Reddy ki
Microsoft founder Bill gates Reddy gariki
Alage twitter andinchina jack Dorsey Reddy gariki
Manaspoorthiga abhinandanalu teliyajestunnam" one user tweeted.

Earlier when TDP MP Murali Mohan slipped tongue to say 'Tirumala Venkanna Chowdary', while he meant to say "Tirumala Venkanna Saamy', YSRC folks had a field day saying that these words are a reflection of TDP's Kamma caste spirit that is deeprooted among the party leaders.

And it looks like TDP folks are now exacting their revenge at YSRC leaders.