Social Media Comes In Support To Find This Missing Boy

Social Media Comes In Support To Find This Missing Boy

A four year old was kidnapped on Monday in Mandapeta, East Godavari district by unknown men. The four year old is identified as Jashit and is the only kid of Venkataramana and Nagavalli couple. According the victim's father, when the kid along with his grandmother were coming out of the apartment for a walk, they hurt the old lady and snatched the kid from her. In a bike they flew from the scene.

The parents of the kid work as bank employees and they registered a police complaint. Based on it the police have launched a hunt for the kid. About seven special teams were deployed and the police have alerted all the public transport in the district. The police have found a small clue sort of here as the kid's father's bike was stolen from his work place about a month back. The police are yet to verify whether the bike robbery and child's kidnap has any connection.

While the police are working their best to bring the child back to his parents, they are getting a great support from all corners of Social Media as many users were seen sharing the pictures of this kid on Twitter and Facebook.  

The child's father has ruled out that he has no enemies and have no financial worries with friends or relatives. He offered to honour the demands of the kidnappers in case they release the child immediately and appealed to them to take care of Jashit.

Even after 24 hours, the police could not find a proper clue which means the kidnappers have done a thorough recce before abducting the child.  The police also suspect that Venkataramana's close relatives might have done and probing in that angle as well.