Hyd Inox Theatre booked for playing more ads

Hyd Inox Theatre booked for playing more ads

These days multiplexes are getting flooded with advertisements and the management of these multiplexes are throwing at the audience. A multiplex in Hyderabad has been booked for screening 20 minutes of ads, leaving the audience fumed.

Going into details, an anti-corruption activist by name Vijay Gopal had visited Kacheguda Inox multiplex on June 22nd to watch a movie. However, the multiplex reportedly screened ads for a lot of time and this has irked Vijay Gopal.

He reached the nearest Sultan Bazar police station to file a complain. However, the police did not register a complain claiming that Kacheguda doesn't come under their jurisdiction.

Vijay Gopal then knocked the Consumer Forum and responding to this petition, the Forum has asked the police to register a case against Inox management.

The case is booked on Inox Leisure Private Limited which has chain of multiplexes are all over the country. The activist Vijay Gopal went on to warn other multiplexes in Hyderabad and this is certainly a respite for audiences who have no clue how to complain.