Kodalu Pilla's Hate And Love For 'Kabir Singh'

Kodalu Pilla's Hate And Love For 'Kabir Singh'

There is this all-round criticism on 'Kabir Singh' (Remake of Arjun Reddy) in Bollywood, regarding which director Sandeep Vanga breathed fire already. At a time not even one critic has praised the film, the box office awarded it Rs 261+ crores already. Then comes a supporter of the film, in the form of K Raghavendra Rao's Kodalu Pilla Kanika Dhillon.

"I went to the theatre hating Kabir Singh, with many red flags in mind, but once I got involved in the film they have all got suspended. I was rooting for Kabir Singh because I want him to get out of that mess he made for himself" she said, adding that her liking for the film is not to demean any critic.

"I'm not disregarding what the critics have said, because there should be some sense of responsibility for a filmmaker. But at the same time, I want critics to understand that filmmakers have some liberties to create characters to behave in a particular way. The character is in a helpless situation and he could have behaved in any way" she adds, explaining why he loved the film and what critics have looked into.

As the major uproar is about showcasing the heroine, about which some critics stated that with lots of misogynist attitude her character was suppressed, Kanika has an answer for them.

"The heroine's character is not submissive inside the movie as she has decided everything on herself. If a woman is not doing protest, it doesn't mean that she's inferior to the one who speaks outright expressively" she says, giving a lovely interpretation of Arjun Reddy aka Kabir Singh on a whole.