Cricketer Shami in one more controversy

Cricketer Shami in one more controversy

Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami is always in news these days. He was excluded from the playing Eleven in the semi-finals against New Zealand and fans were shocked as Shami has a good record against the Blackcaps. Keep this aside, Shami's personal life is always in headlines and more controversial too.   

His wife alleged that Shami is a womanizer. Adding fuel to these allegations, an unknown woman posted on Twitter that the Indian pacer had sent a private message on Instagram. This lady also shared the screen-shot of the message and questioned why would a person with 1.4 million followers send her a private message.

The only thing saving Shami here is, he just texted "Good Afternoon" to that lady and apart from that there is nothing in it. May be Shami was anticipating that she would reply and then the conversation can be started. Instead it did not happen like that.

The netizens are divided on this latest controversy. While some say that he might have sent that message by mistake while others say that this proves Shami is a womanizer for real and allegations by his wife are true.

Shami did not respond on the controversy so far and he might until the world cup finishes.