1 Paisa Relief on Petrol Price: Twitter 'Petrolls' Modi

1 Paisa Relief on Petrol Price: Twitter 'Petrolls' Modi

After 16-day continuous increase in the raise of fuel prices, Indian Oil Corp's (IOC) has reduced '1 paise' giving a 'relief' to people. Initially, IOC website had shown the fall as 50 to 60 paise per litre, that it later retracted to 1 paisa saying that it was a "technical glitch".

While the price was increased nearly Rs 4 per litre during May 14 to May 29 with an average increase of 15 to 30 paise daily, the reduction of 1 paisa invited severe wrath of people. Netizens, Twitterati 'petrolled' Modi.

Starting from Opposition Congress to several parties and Chief Ministers of Punjab, Kerala have criticized the move to cut down 1 paisa. While Kerala CM has announced a cut of Rs 1 per litre on the tax on fuel, Punjab CM Amarinder Singh described '1 paisa' reduction of fuel price as a cruel joke.

Tweets on 1 Paise Reduction

Rahul Gandhi : Dear Prime Minister, you have cut the price of petrol and diesel today by 1 paisa. ONE paisa!?? If this is your idea of a prank, it is childish and in poor taste. P.S: A ONE paisa cut is not a suitable response to the #FuelChallenge I threw you last week.

One Deepika Sihag wrote, "After the marvellous one paise cut in petrol prices, the 56 inch chest has shown it's metal...all my thoughts are rushing towards what all I can buy, house, car, chopper, etc etc from this 'ek Paisa'"

Another Manmohan Bahadur tweeted, "Arre! We must fill up petrol today - price reduced by a WHOPPING ONE PAISA per LITRE in Delhi ! Hurry !"

Slamming reduction of 1 paise on fuel, Ruchita Maheshwari has shared a picture of Amitabh Bachchan as KBC anchor and him questioning us, "Kya Karenge aap is Dhan Rashi Ka?

Aditya Goswami tweeted, "Yaayyyy! I saved a paisa on getting a litre of Petrol.
Achhe Din aa gye"

Nagarjuna Chidara wrote, "Woah..! 1Paise reduced... Thank God for reducing the petrol price."