IMA Jewels Scam: 'Paid 400 crs Bribe To MLA'

IMA Jewels Scam: 'Paid 400 crs Bribe To MLA'

In Bengaluru, a group of investors gathered in front of IMA Jewels at Commercial Street today after it founder Mansoor Khan went absconding. Yesterday, an audio clip of Mansoor Khan was released where he claimed that he was going to commit suicide a the company has suffered a financial setback. The clip went viral in no time.

As per the audio note, Khan alleged that Congress MLA Roshan Baig had taken Rs 400 crores for him and the politician did not repay him over failure to get a ticket from the party confirmed the cops. The clip further stated that Mansoor Khan was harassed by a few other politicians and government officers who had taken money from him.

The audio clipping has caused nervousness among the people who have invested in IMA Jewels as the founder talks about suicide. However, the cops also, think that Khan is trying to mislead everyone with fake suicide message and has left the country.

On the other hand, DCP Rahul Kumar Shahapurwad tried to pacify the hectic drama of investors that a case has been filed against IMA Jewels and the police would soon investigate the case to mete out justice for them.

Currently, a special team has been formed in pursuit of Khan and the Commercial Street police have registered a case. Today, more than 4000 investors trooped down at IMA Jewels in Shivajinagar area.