If K'taka is Congress ATM, BJP Has 20 ATMs?

If K'taka is Congress ATM, BJP Has 20 ATMs?

Looks like, BJP has still not come to terms with the defeat of Karnataka where JD(S) and Congress combine went to form the government. In its fresh attack, the Saffron party took a jibe at Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy on Monday, saying he was the "chief manager (CM)" of the Congress's ATM in the state and that he was lying prostrate at the feet of the Gandhi family.

It is after Kumaraswamy's comments in Bengaluru on Sunday that he was at the mercy of the Congress and not the people of Karnataka as his government had not received the full mandate, which his party had sought in the recently conducted Assembly election in the state.

"Nothing can be sadder than this. This is absolutely demeaning to the democratic fabric of the country and akin to an abuse of India's democracy," BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra told media. Mr Patra alleged that for the Congress, Karnataka was its ATM and it had found a chief manager in HD Kumaraswamy, while the government in the southern state would be run from Janpath -- a reference to the residential address of former Congress chief Sonia Gandhi.

The BJP had emerged as the single-largest party in the Karnataka Assembly election by bagging 104 of the 222 seats that went to the polls, but fell short of a majority, allowing the Congress and the JD(S) to join hands and form government in the state.

Meanwhile, comments have poured in from various netizens over BJP's remarks against Congress.  "The rest of India is BJP's ATM. BJP is high time you stop teaching ethics in politics," said on Anonymous. "And your actual ATM's are 20 states?" wrote another.  "What has made the BJP the richest party in India in no time?," commented another citizen.