Foreign couples adopt 18 unwanted children in 2019

Foreign couples adopt 18 unwanted children in 2019

The number of children in the orphanage and foster homes is growing rapidly, making them feel unwanted and heartbroken. The cases in Hyderabad are only increasing and one such child was Sree, who was abandoned at Niloufer Hospital nearly three years ago. She's  HIV positive and hearing this, a couple from Nashville, Tenessee, came to adopt her.

Not only this case, many cases in the city made Child authorities of Hyderabad come to the conclusion that foreign couples are stepping forward to adopt unwanted children, especially who are ailing or with special needs.

It is reported that a total of 18 children are adopted since early this year by foreign nationals and all those children either had impairment issues or HIV positive. Talking about Sree, who was adopted by a couple from Nashville, it gives immense happiness to see her with new parents who are also medically treating her.

And, all these abandoned children in India are going to mostly US, Italy and Finland. The couple from these countries are coming forward in joy. Another case, Harsha, was abandoned by his family when he was six years old as he was HIV positive. Today, a Washington couple has adopted him and he flew happily to settle in the US.

The Child adoption authorities tell that no family was willing to adopt Harsha but a foreign couple did. Recently, a malnourished child, weighing 1.8kgs has been adopted by Finland couple from Gandhi Hospital. They are also reportedly taking care of her walking disability.

The authorities in India will, however, keep an eye on the status of the child at their new houses through local adoption agencies to make sure everything is fine. Currently, we have 64 children waiting to get adopted in Hyderabad, who are also eagerly looking to meet their new families.