Aish Stopped Abhishek From Reacting To Vivek's Meme

Aish Stopped Abhishek From Reacting To Vivek's Meme

After stirring a massively negative storm on the internet for Vivek Oberoi's recent meme which clubbed Aishwarya Rai's past relationships with Lok Sabha Elections 2019 exit polls, netizens and many others from the industry have been provoked by the joke, calling his meme as offensive.

In fact, Salman Khan too reacted to the meme when asked by a journalist that he doesn't care these silly jokes. Later, Sonam Kapoor, directors, and a few actors responded to it. However, Aish and her husband Abhishek did not involve in the issue.

When the whole ruckus took place on the meme, Aishwarya was busy at the French Rivera for the Cannes Film Festival. It is reported that the actress also got to know about Vivek's meme immediately. She expressed her shock over it but refrained from responding.

The sources say that Aishwarya was highly disturbed on the meme and also Abhishek Bachchan was furious, wanting to strongly retaliate. But the actress stopped her hubby from not reacting and calmed him down. Look like Aish did a good job by acting maturely as the whole reaction from the couple would have given the unnecessary attention to the issue.

Anyhow Vivek after a couple of days of posting the meme and defending his joke, he later apologised and deleted the tweet.