#RCBGirl Feels Sad For This Unwanted Craze

#RCBGirl Feels Sad For This Unwanted Craze

That girl in red tube top without any straps became the sensation for all the eyes as he is busy waving the Royal Challengers Bangalore flag with swag. And this girl became the #RCBGirl in no time and became super famous. She is none other than Deepika Ghose, a fashion stylist and also a model from Bangalore.   

Guess what, Deepika is feeling that she is more than just the fangirl and her life became a mess with the kind of unwanted craze this season of IPL weaved around her. Saying that she never wanted this attention when she went for the match on May 4th, the fashion girl added that this is like a shock for her.

Calling herself as an artistic and hardworking woman with education and travel as her strengths, Deepika claimed that she's not just a 'fangirl' who has shot to fame due to internet breaking down with her images. "I have many talents and have excelled at my work as a stylist and as a dancer/teacher/entrepreneur. I do NOT consider being seen on TV at an IPL match an achievement" she says, adding that life hasn't changed for her.

She added that her overnight fame has cost her privacy and many men are said to be blasting her negatively with crude and vulgar comments. And she added that being subjected to unwanted attention is also a sad thing.

Her full statement:

My name is Deepika Ghose & that is probably the only thing that is being said about me which is 100% TRUE.
It all started on the Saturday of the RCBxSRH IPL match. I have been attending RCB matches for many years. It has become a family tradition to watch, cheer and support our Bengaluru team. When we went for the match on May 4th, I did not expect it to be different. I did not want any recognition or realise the number of times that I was on camera. I am no celebrity, just an ordinary girl who was enjoying the match. I did nothing to warrant the kind of attention that ensued after the TV images appeared & I certainly did not seek it.

I have much to be proud of - I am a kind, artistic & hardworking woman. I am well educated, well-travelled and well loved by my friends and family. I have many talents and have excelled at my work as a stylist and as a dancer/teacher/entrepreneur. I do NOT consider being seen on TV at an IPL match an achievement. Many people ask me how my life has changed. It has NOT! The only thing that has changed is the number of my Instagram followers. I am as much in shock as all of you.

While I am grateful for the love, I am disturbed by the unnecessary negativity. It has been an extreme case of abuse, trauma and mental torture. I am confused as to how people found my name/profile. My identity, privacy & life have been hacked in an instant. A lot of the overnight followers are men who have used this platform to be crude, vulgar, vicious & entirely disrespectful.

Even more shocking is the hate I have received from women. How quick & cruel you have been to say mean things to & about me without even knowing me. I AM ONE OF YOU!

The world desperately needs more women supporting & uplifting each other. I am appalled by how I have been judged & condemned instead of being given a compassionate hearing. Stop & think about how it is as a girl to have been subjected to this unwanted attention.

So many people have asked me why they should follow me - and you are right to question this. Now that this has happened, I am going to turn this into something genuine, meaningful & fabulous. Yes, I am #theRCBgirl but I am SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.