Visuals of Modi's scripted interview go viral

Visuals of Modi's scripted interview go viral

In what has turned out to be a major embarrassment for the BJP, clips of the interview of Narendra Modi with News Nation TV have gone viral on social media where there is evidence of it being scripted. Exposing this scripted interview, Congress leader Divya Spandana who heads digital communications and social media for the Congress, tweeted: "So the @narendramodi interview with @NewsNationTV was *badly* scripted  just like his other interviews,but here's proof!Pause the video at 3 seconds & take a good look, it has the question & *ahem* the answers too! Now you know why no press conference or debate with @RahulGandhi."

Interestingly, in the papers put out by the news channel, there is a question where the interviewer asks Modi whether he has written any poem or a few lines recently. To this, Modi narrates a poem he claimed to have written. Unfortunately, the clips which have gone viral clearly show how both the question and answer have been written already.

Netizens have began trolling Modi ever since the clips of this interview got out. Additionally, Modi also claimed that he used a Digital Camera in 1988 and clicked BJP's veteran leader, L.K. Advani's pictures on it. Moreover, he also states that he used the email in 1988 in Mumbai. Calling him out for his false statements, many netizens are fuming at how could the PM so callous about the facts.

In fact, "the first digital camera to actually go on sale was the 1990 Dycam Model 1. A grey version was marketed as the Logitech Fotoman. But Modi has it in 1988. He also had email service though internet was introduced in India on 14 August 1995," tweeted a netizen, following which several others have been trolling BJP's karyakartas for backing Modi on his poem and the statements on digital camera and the Internet.

Of late, Prime Minister Modi has been attracting a lot of trolls with his fact-check goof-ups. Recently, his jibe on Rajiv Gandhi, stating that "the Former PM was using INS Viraat as his personal taxi" have not gone down well with people and were proved wrong when naval officers came out publicly and made statements that it was an official visit and not a vacation and also called out the PM's statements as false and misleading.