Now He Is "Kalaprapoorna" Chandrabose!

Now He Is

Andhra University has conferred the famous Kalaprapoorna title for the popular Telugu Film Lyricist Chandrabose. So, he can be called Kalaprapoorna Chandrabose now.

While many are happy over the deserving title for Chandrabose, some film celebrities are lamenting that the title would have been first given to Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry. But Sastry was given the Kalaratna award by the government of Andhra Pradesh recently, whereas the title was not as famous as Kalaprapoorna.

Kalaprapoorna is unlike any government title and can used as prefix before the name.  Renowned music director Ilayaraja and first generation film singer Rao Balasaraswati were also conferred with the same title this year along with Chandrabose.

Chandrabose turned super famous with his latest songs in Rangasthalam. His songs "Mounamgaane edagamani..", "Telugu bhasha teeyadanam..." etc and the title song of Rangasthalam with philosophical lines prove to be imperishable songs in the history of Telugu Film literature.

Well, Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry is certainly a bigger literary giant than Chandrabose who certainly deserves Padma award. It is only the responsibility of either Telangana government or AP government to recommend his name at least in coming season.