Google Blocks TikTok App In India

Google Blocks TikTok App In India

As we already know that the Madras High Court ordered to ban TikTok app on April 3 for having pornography and violence-prone videos. Post the order, the Supreme Court also rejected TikTok owners' plea to stay MHC order. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has now asked Apple and Google to remove the app from their play stores.

Coming into the details, people who already have the app on their phones are eligible to use it. But, it disables the installing button from now on. It is going to prohibit people from downloading the app, reports said.

'The HC asked the government to prohibit download of TikTok app. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is ensuring that Google and Apple play stores delete the app as soon as possible'. Currently, the Supreme Court will hear the matter on April 22. If latest reports are to be believed, TikTok will be removed from App stores very soon and users who already have it on their phones can use it but new users may not be able to download the application.

Being the popular video-sharing app, TikTok has nearly 119 million Indian users. But most of them are children and teenagers and the app majorly consists of porn and violence based videos. It also raises the question on how banning the app is useful as already 100 million user base has the app on their phones.

Update: Google blocked TikTok App in India after the Court order to remove the application from play-stores of Apple and Google.