Digital Giant Sends Legal Notice To Telugu Producer?

Digital Giant Sends Legal Notice To Telugu Producer?

Somehow big Bollywood brands that invested in Telugu films always backed off in the end with some issues. The likes of UTV and Reliance have produced a couple of Telugu films but later they opted out of the scene. And here is another such shocker.

They say that Telugu producers are literally milking huge money from these big Bollywood corporates with their greedy ideas. While the real budget is, say 5 crores, our producers are said to be extracting 10-15 crores from them for a film. Finding that there is no cure to treat this handwork of Telugu makers, corporate companies are backing off.

Recently a big digital giant started investing big into the area of web series making and started spending crores for a 10-episode season. Somehow a production house that made no successful films in the recent times signed a deal with them and made almost three web series. Though none of them is yet to be released, it's heard that the production company took almost 9 crores from the digital giant while in reality, they have spent not even 1.5 crores.

Expecting a couple of crores profit over a web series production is fine, but taking home almost 7-8 crores through it, and investing none of that for better production quality has angered the digital giant. They are heard sending a legal show-cause notice to the Telugu producer to submit real audited expenses.

When fake accounts could be shown, can't they show fake audited expenses? some say that this deal will push the digital giant out of Telugu space. One more wicket!!