Relive your childhood as 'Cassettes' are coming back

Relive your childhood as 'Cassettes' are coming back

The cassette, which we thought would be a novelty for future generations, are now back with a bang. It was all fun to mix the tape at home with two sides A and B and many of us grew up with tape cassettes as a music medium. Top pop stars global wide like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande are releasing their albums on tape and encouraging the long-gone trend.

But the shortage of music-quality magnetic tape which is needed for production is causing the disturbance. The need can be fulfilled by two places, one in the American Midwest and the other in western France.

Steve Stepp, who is the founder of the National Audio Company in Missouri said that there is plenty of business for them and around 2000 imperial hegemony of the CD has cut his business, as a major manufacturer of books on tape. They are quite popular till date.

Popular rock bands like Pearl Jam and The Smashing Pumpkins have launched a cassette anniversary tapes in the 2000s. That gave the hope of cassettes to be still in the music league. From the last few months, a French company called Mulann has started its production back. Mulann is the country's first manufacturing of music-grade tape from the last twenty years.

The speciality of Mulann is that the group have acquired a plant to specially produce analogue audio tapes under the trademark Recording The Masters. In the U.S, cassette tape albums grew by 23% last year i.e., from 1,78,000 to a whopping 2,19,000.

The U.S also celebrates Cassettes store day from the past five years. The quality of the music has been drastically changed as the manufacturers used unique magnetic material coating the polyester base film.