US visa extensions denied! Indians are being sent back

US visa extensions denied! Indians are being sent back

The bad news for Indian software engineers who reside in the US or who are wishing to go to the US is intact for quite a long, long time. New rules on H1B visa are making the onsite opportunities bleak and harder for aspirants. Currently, Indian techies who are living in the US are also facing ordeals due to refusal in visa extensions.

Many employees are returning to India without many options and a few are still struggling over filing a new H-1B visa. There is said to be a noticeable rate in the number of requests for evidence (RFE). The visa applicants have been asking for more information and documents on their applications. Moreover, an increase in costs for companies is now a problem too.

One of the sufferers claims that it is hard to shift back to India with a child who was born in the US. The industry analysis says that the strictness over the visa process is primarily due to the modification in the regime that has focused on securing more jobs for Americans.

As we already know how visa are first given for only three years and later can be extended to another three years. The idea was flexible before. Following the expiry of the second term of the H-1B visa, one can seek for RFEs which is the request for evidence.

Even the wait for Green cards is more than 10 years. And the REF approvals have drastically reduced, forcing Indians to go back. In 2018, 30 IT companies have been rejected that applied for H1B vias. The latest information is that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced it would start accepting new H1B visa in the fiscal year 2020, starting April 1.