Bomb Cyclone: A Massive Winter Storm Hits Central US

Bomb Cyclone: A Massive Winter Storm Hits Central US

A ferocious winter storm, Bomb cyclone, hits many areas of the US with blizzard conditions and hurricane-force winds. More than 3,100 flights have been called off in two days as a result of bomb cyclone and the parts of the country are getting worst every passing day.

The flights which have been cancelled are at Denver International Airport and all runways have been closed at the moment. The roads have icy floors and poor visibility which makes it harder for the travellers.

A bomb cyclone is a condition that happens when there is a sudden and fast pressure drop of 24 millibars in 24 hours. This storm made 33 millibars to drop yesterday. It is also bringing floods in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri rivers.

With heavy winds in certain areas as strong as 110 mph, the condition is deteriorating for natives and there has been no eggs and milk in the supermarkets. Also, there has been a power cut in Colorado and Texas.

Many schools and state offices have been remained closed in 39 central and western counties because of the storm. The roads were dead-icy that nearly 100 vehicles were involved in an accident on Interstate 25 near Wellington, Colorado.

People in Denver are struck on roads and had to abandon their vehicles and get shelter. The vehicles hardly move any longer as nearly 9 inches of snow has been reported in central states of the US.