Outrage over new Surf Excel ad among Hindu-Muslims

Outrage over new Surf Excel ad among Hindu-Muslims

After impressing viewers with its innovative commercials all these days, detergent brand Surf Excel has now fallen into big trouble. The ads of this brand were always uplifting and pleasing to watch. However, the latest ad has stirred up an unexpected controversy.

The advertisement has a Holi backdrop and the concept was linked to the Hindu-Muslim harmony. However, this trail has failed miserably and faced instant criticism. A few days ago, the ad has been launched which depicts 'Rang Laaye Sang', meaning - colours bring us together.

The unity of Hindu-Muslim has been portrayed that features a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy. The girl is seen protecting her Muslim friend by getting stains all over her white clothes. The commercial garnered more than 85 Lakh views on YouTube.

The Hindustan Unilever owner says that the intention behind the advertisement was only to encourage harmony and religious unity between Hindu and Muslims. But, the theme has humiliated a few viewers saying that Holi is given less importance in front of Namaz. The hashtag #boycottSurfexcel is currently all over the Twitter and the outrageous tweets have been pouring over the ad. People have even pointed out the gender selection and wished that the gender swap should have been made.

A large group of people on social media criticized that surf excel is promoting Jihad and shattered religious sentiments of Hindus. On the other hand, Muslims accused that it is an insult to Muslim girls as the ad shows how a Muslim boy is taking help from a Hindu girl.