Count Revealed: Terrorists at Balakot During Air Strike

Count Revealed: Terrorists at Balakot During Air Strike

From the past few days, there have been numerous speculations on the number of terrorists killed in Balakot air strikes. The Indian Air Force has performed the air strikes on the most-wanted terror training camp in Pakistan called,  Jaish-e-Mohammed.

In the midst of the speculations on the killed terrorist count, a popular news channel has unveiled that a huge group of nearly 263 terrorists were gathered just five days prior to the unexpected attack by the IAF.

It is said that the IAF has already got the information on the number of terrorists assembled at the Balakot JeM camp five days before itself. Knowing the count, the IAF has planned to attack in the most unprecedented manner.

Also, Intelligence agencies confirmed that for about 18 JeM senior commanders have come in solidarity for training and guiding the amateurs peril terrorists. To be precise, 83 terrorists had assembled for the basic training and 91 terrorists had assembled for advanced training. Reportedly, 25 of them has been recruited for special training as a final step.

Various terror training courses were to commence from Feb 25 by the top leaders of JeM. The Balakot facility has been all set for the upcoming training before the IAF attack with teachers namely Mufti Umar, Maulana Javed, Maulana Aslam, Maulana Ajmal, Maulana Zubair, Maulana Abdul Gafur Kashmiri, Maulana Qudratullah, Maulana Qasim and Maulana Junaid.