Will AAP and Congress Join Hands In Delhi?

Will AAP and Congress Join Hands In Delhi?

The increased number of gossiped-headlines on AAP and the Congress joining hands is a well-known fact by now. Many senior leaders in both the parties strived hard to stitch together an alliance with a common motive to defeat the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo.

But, Delhi Congress leaders were reluctant with the idea of joining hands and went on to announce that it would contest all seven seats in LS elections. Sheila Dixit officially announced there will no Delhi tie-ups between the two parties in the coming elections. The decision has been taken post the meeting organized by Rahul Gandhi in order to discuss the possibility of an alliance.

Hence, AAP convenor Gopal Rai too announced the six names of party candidates for the LS elections as a counter. Moreover, Rai also said that the decision was taken after Delhi Congress president Sheila Dikshit conveyed that the party had refused a tie-up. He stated that the AAP party is doing well on its own.

On the other hand, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal claimed in a public meeting that he was tired of convincing the Congress for the alliance in order to defeat BJP in LS elections. According to him, if tie-up happens, BJP will lose all seven seats and he is concerned that Congress doesn't understand this beneficial outcome.

In fact, AAP has even offered two seats to the Congress in Delhi and extended the offer to join hands in Punjab as well. Let's wait and see if Rahul will rethink all the advantages stated by Kejriwal. However, a few AAP followers are against the idea of an alliance, calling it illogical, as it will harm AAP in the long run when all anti-congress AAP voters go and vote for BJP.