One More 'School Shooting': 8 Killed in Texas High School

One More 'School Shooting': 8 Killed in Texas High School

Another tragic school shooting in the USA killed at least 8 people on Friday. According to a local sheriff, a gunman was arrested after he shot and killed around 8 people in a high school at Santa Fe of Texas.

There were students and adults in the dead and this incident happened at the school 30 miles southeast of Houston. Cops arrested a person, a possible suspect and second person was also taken into custody for questioning, a possible person of interest.

Nine others were also injured in the shootings and were moved to nearby hospitals. Their health condition was not clear at the moment, according to the cops.

Witnesses say that the shootings took place on campus between 7 30 am to 7 45 am in an art class. Students were transported to Alamo gym to be reunited with their parents, only after their backpacks are being searched.

According to the latest update, possible explosive devices have been located at the school and off campus. School has been evacuated.