Indian H1B Visa holders protest outside White House

Indian H1B Visa holders protest outside White House

An issue on H1B visas is not a novelty and it's been vastly affecting Indians in many aspects. A large group of people from India (H1B visa holders) has protested outside the White House on Sunday demanding for the required modifications in the law of immigration. The protest was made by the Republican Hindu Coalition in order to acquire proper employment mobility for NRIs.

The major demand in the rally was to clear Green card approvals. The trouble with the rules on Green card has been rapidly increasing as renewals are being denied based on the new rules. Moreover, the waiting time is more than usual.

Simultaneously, protest includes a fight on a vast group of minors called 'dreamers' who have been sent illegally to America would need Legal Childhood arrivals under Obama-era protection. They demanded to get direct Green cards to all H4 dependent children visas holders.

Some of the Placards read 'Stop abusing legal immigrants' and 'We are not displacing American jobs'. The motive was to get DACA benefits to all who entered legally with an authentic job.

The next demand was to eliminate country caps for Green Card allotments.  H.R.392 bill has been introduced in 2017 in order to end the country caps. Later, two other similar bills have been introduced to remove employment-based country caps.

Looks like the enormous changes in H1B visas in the last one year is doubling the already existing troubles. There are more cons than pros and rumours have been on rife that there is going to be another shutdown and declare a national emergency.