Puri's Expensive Coffee, Charmi Says Shit

Puri's Expensive Coffee, Charmi Says Shit

Of course, we're the habitat that eats many other small animals that live on earth, fly and live underwater as well. But few things like this Kopi Luwak, an expensive coffee being tasted by director Puri Jagan right now, is getting mixed reactions from people.   

As they are working on 'iSmart Shankar' now, hero Ram is said to have gifted director Puri Jagan with this Kopi Luwak. Five bags of this coffee (five cups) costs nearly 4000 rupees in India. But do you know how it is made? Kopi Luwak means 'civet coffee' in English, whose making process includes collecting the feces of a wild cat that eats coffee berries and finding the undigested beans from it and processing them.

While the thought of collecting beans from the excreta of a cat itself is disgusting for many, this coffee is being produced by raising civets in cages and force-feeding them with coffee beans, and that has been an ethical concern from years.

After coming to know all of this, netizens are expressing mixed reactions over this coffee. Reacting on the same, Puri Jagan's friend and business partner, heroine Charmmee tweeted, "Shit shit shit". Of course, it is shit only!!

On the flip side, Puri Jagan and his iSmart Shankar are getting a lot of publicity over this expensive fox-dung coffee.