Why Are You Staring At Thighs & Cleavage? -Nagababu

Why Are You Staring At Thighs & Cleavage? -Nagababu

Seems like Nagababu became the everyday 'umpire' of life with him responding to every single thing that is happening around in the society. After trolling the likes of Balayya, Nara Lokesh, YS Jagan and other political guns, now he is aiming at those veteran cinema folks who are making fun of women.    

Recently veteran singer SP Balasubramanyam commented that few heroines are gracing audio launch and other films events in short dresses to grab attention. Giving reference to this, other day mega brother gave black and blue, asking Balu, why he is looking at heroines in the first place.

"If girls go nude on roads, there are laws to take care of. As long as they are wearing the dresses of their choice, who are we (men) to dictate terms. And why do these film veterans looking at thighs and cleavage of heroines at those function? Why is their sight leading all the way there? High time they change the way they look at women" said Nagababu, in his video message.

Also, Nagababu quipped, 'Tomorrow if all the girls in India unanimously ask all the men here to wander wearing gunny bags, are we ready do that?'.

In the end, his comments evoked mixed response as usual!